“I spent 20 years of stubbornly trying to figure it all out on my own, but since starting lessons with Christina, she has taken me to another level I never thought possible in a very short time. I was worried about a voice teacher making me sound like a different kind of singer. I sing in a rock band – I’m not a musical theater or opera singer. But instead, she keeps giving me tools to sound even more like myself, to strengthen what I’m already good at, understand the anatomy and technical details behind what I’m doing, and to tackle new goals I had previous considered out of my range. It has given me a lot more confidence as a singer. I used to just go out there and hope and pray this would be one of the nights that goes well, but now I have the awareness to fine tune my approach and properly prepare myself, and the understanding of my instrument that makes me feel way more in control of how the performance goes.” Lauren Hoffman, vocalist, songwriter

“Taking voice lessons with Christina was one of the most fun and most amazing things I have ever done for myself! It helped a great deal with my voice as a Pilates teacher; the ability to resonate sound to a large group in a big room is exponentially better. And the health of my voice/throat improved as a result. In the past I would lose my voice 3-4x/year, from misusing my instrument. Since beginning voice lessons with Christina, I haven’t lost my voice once! I also noticed my confidence improving with lessons. The sessions were light and fun and at the same time they were challenging and thought provoking! I can’t say enough good things about Christina and her teaching!” Robin Truxel, owner/operator of Tru Pilates

“My first vocal lesson with Christina Fleming far exceeded all of my expectations. She has the innate ability to make one feel instantly comfortable while introducing them to varying techniques to achieve proper form and alleviate tension using vocal warm-ups and theatrical exercises. Christina is very “quick to the helm.” She is masterful in describing vocal techniques; she shows her students how to harness their voice using proper form through descriptive analogies, imagery and visualization. This provides students the opportunity to quickly grasp how to project and control their voices. Christina has made successful forays across genre to include classical, opera, and industrial rock. She fronted a band called In Tenebris which has given her an incredible edge over other vocal instructors because she understands how to reach singers at all levels with unique skill sets. She is able to quickly understand her students’ goals while introducing them to techniques that will strengthen the voice, show them how to recognize their own authentic sound, and how to sing with great finesse. Her vocal prowess and love of her profession shine through allowing for a nurturing environment that encourages growth not only as a strong vocalist but as a dynamic performer.” Sarah Joseph, classical singer

“Christina has been the perfect vocal instructor for me. Not only is she a talented and accomplished singer, she is also an amazing teacher. She has shown me endless patience and encouragement throughout my ups and downs. Christina listens to me, discerns my needs, and tailors each lesson to address my personal challenges as a singer. I have learned so much from Christina, and lessons with her never fail to uplift me.” Elizabeth Cassell, coloratura soprano



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