What is it like to feel prepared?

When I first question this for myself, I feel a calm, quiet expansion. Something like trust. Preparedness is a kindness I give to myself. 

I feel held by the preparedness in a way that gives my nervous energy a pathway to cross over into excitement. Excitement to share, joy to include others in something I have learned and/or have a unique expression of. Excitement to be sharing something I love. 

I feel a lightness in my head as it relates to my neck- not to be mistaken for lightheadedness because it is quite the opposite. There is a soft clarity, my eyes can receive what they are seeing. I can respond to the world around me while I consciously participate in what I am creating in each moment. 

My feet feel connected to the ground beneath me. My heels are released into the floor. The back of me is in its full length, my arms are light and free to move. My hands are free to express more deeply what my words and intentions carry. Words that I have a deep understanding of. Words and melodies that connect to something inside me that means something. 

As I breathe, the air drops into my lungs- allowing for space in 360 degrees. I feel this alllll the way down my torso, creating a secure, flexible, and responsive bellows for me to play with. 

My lips, tongue, and jaw are free and available for what my breath and the vowels I choose are asking of them. My throat is open and the sound is clear and resonant.  I am able to authentically connect to what I am saying and this energizes and colors my voice from the inside out. 

My mind and body know what to do.  I trust my mind and my body.